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Item nameItem NumberPriceThumbnail
1 1/2" ALBUM POSTS166390$11.00CurrentAccessories
1" (2.5 Cm) Circle Punch119868$13.00RetiredPunches
1-1/2" (3.8 Cm) Circle Punch138299$16.00RetiredPunches
1-1/8" (2.9 Cm) Scallop Circle Punch146138$16.00RetiredPunches
1-3/4" (4.4 CM) CIRCLE PUNCH119850$22.00CurrentPunches
1-3/8" (3.5 Cm) Scallop Circle Punch146139$16.00RetiredPunches
1/2" (1.3 Cm) Circle Punch119869$6.00RetiredPunches
1/4" Bumblebee Gingham Trim153658$7.00RetiredRibbon/Trim
1/4" Copper Trim144179$6.00RetiredRibbon/Trim
1/8'' (3.2 MM) COTTON RIBBON COMBO PACK158140$9.00RetiredRibbon/Trim
12" X 12" DESIGN 2 MEMORY PROTECTORS166397$13.00CurrentStorage
12" X 12" STRAP SIDE LOAD MEMORY PROTECTORS166395$27.00CurrentStorage
12" X 12" TOP LOAD MEMORY PROTECTORS166406$13.00CurrentStorage
12" X 12" TOP LOAD MEMORY PROTECTORS VALUE PACK166399$27.00CurrentStorage
12X12 Traditional Pocket Pages144206$7.00RetiredMemories & More
2" (5.1 Cm) Circle Punch133782$18.00CurrentPunches
2-1/4" (5.7 Cm) Circle Punch143720$18.00RetiredPunches
2-3/8" (6 CM) CIRCLE PUNCH161354$22.00CurrentPunches
2018-2020 In Color 6" X 6" (15.2 X 15.2 Cm) Designer Series Paper149618$11.50RetiredPaper
2018-2020 In Color Buttons149608$7.50RetiredEmbellishments
2019-2021 In Color 12" X 12" (30.5 X 30.5 Cm) Cardstock149703$12.75RetiredPaper
2019-2021 In Color 6" X 6" (15.2 X 15.2 Cm) Designer Series Paper153071$11.50RetiredPaper
2019-2021 In Color 8-1/2" X 11" Cardstock149701$9.00RetiredPaper
2019-2021 In Color Classic Stampin' Pad Bundle155349$27.00RetiredInk Pads/Refills
2019-2021 In Color Faceted Dots149607$6.50RetiredEmbellishments
2019-2021 In Color Stampin' Write Markers150079$15.00RetiredBlends/Coloring Tools
2019–2021 In Color 6" X 6" (15.2 X 15.2 Cm) Designer Series Paper149617$11.50RetiredPaper
2020-2022 In Color 12" X 12" (30.5 X 30.5 Cm) Cardstock Assortment153076$12.75RetiredPaper
2020-2022 In Color 6" X 6" (15.2 X 15.2 Cm) Designer Series Paper153070$11.50RetiredPaper
2020-2022 In Color 8-1/2" X 11" Cardstock Assortment153074$9.00RetiredPaper
2020-2022 In Color Classic Stampin' Pad Bundle154957$33.75RetiredInk Pads/Refills
2020-2022 In Color Enamel Dots152480$8.00RetiredEmbellishments
2020-2022 In Color Stampin' Write Marker Assortment153125$15.00RetiredBlends/Coloring Tools
2020–2022 IN COLOR SQUARE GEMS155572$8.00RetiredEmbellishments
2021-2023 IN COLOR 6" X 6" (15.2 X 15.2 CM) DESIGNER SERIES PAPER159254$12.00RetiredPaper
2021-2023 IN COLOR OPAL ROUNDS159185$8.50RetiredEmbellishments
2021–2023 IN COLOR 12" X 12" (30.5 X 30.5 CM) CARDSTOCK PACK155642$12.75RetiredPaper
2021–2023 IN COLOR 6" X 6" (15.2 X 15.2 CM) DESIGNER SERIES PAPER155641$11.50RetiredPaper
2021–2023 IN COLOR 8-1/2" X 11" CARDSTOCK PACK155643$9.00RetiredPaper
2021–2023 IN COLOR CLASSIC STAMPIN' PAD155638$33.75RetiredInk Pads/Refills
2021–2023 IN COLOR JEWELS155571$7.00RetiredEmbellishments
2021–2023 IN COLOR SHIMMER VELLUM155616$12.00RetiredPaper
2021–2023 IN COLOR STAMPIN' WRITE MARKERS155639$15.00RetiredBlends/Coloring Tools
2022-2023 ANNUAL CATALOG US (SINGLE)160970$4.00RetiredBranded Merch
2022-2024 IN COLOR STAMPIN' WRITE MARKERS161693$17.50RetiredBlends/Coloring Tools
2022-2024 IN COLOR 12" X 12" (30.5 X 30.5 CM) CARDSTOCK159203$13.00RetiredPaper
2022-2024 IN COLOR 12" X 12" (30.5 X 30.5 CM) TEXTURED SPECIALTY PAPER161747$11.00RetiredPaper
2022-2024 IN COLOR 6" X 6" (15.2 X 15.2 CM) DESIGNER SERIES PAPER161645$12.50RetiredPaper
2022-2024 IN COLOR 6" X 6" (15.2 X 15.2 CM) GLIMMER PAPER159246$12.00RetiredPaper
2022-2024 IN COLOR 8-1/2" X 11" CARDSTOCK159204$9.50RetiredPaper

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