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Item nameItem NumberPriceThumbnail
À Plein Moteur Cling Stamp Set (French)149151$21.00CurrentStamps
All Wired Up Cling Stamp149262$16.00CurrentStamps
All Wired Up Wood-Mount Stamp149265$20.00CurrentStamps
Artisan Textures Cling-Mount Stamp Set151278$17.00RetiredStamps
Beautiful Layers Dies147043$29.00RetiredDies/Embossing
Beautifully Braided Photopolymer Stamp Set (English)151637$17.00RetiredStamps
Beauty Abounds Cling Stamp Set148726$23.00CurrentStamps
Best Plaid Builder Dies152720$44.00CurrentDies/Embossing
Birch Cling Stamp149256$16.00CurrentStamps
Birch Wood-Mount Stamp149259$20.00CurrentStamps
Birthday Backgrounds Cling-Mount Stamp Set151260$18.00RetiredStamps
Bokeh Dots Cling-Mount Stamp Set151368$15.00RetiredStamps
Borders Abound Cling Stamp Set152627$21.00CurrentStamps
Breathtaking Bouquet Cling Stamp Set151612$16.00RetiredStamps
Breathtaking Bouquet Wood-Mount Stamp Set152201$20.00RetiredStamps
Budding Borders Photopolymer Stamp Set149273$17.00RetiredStamps
Buffalo Check Cling-Mount Stamp Set151372$16.00CurrentStamps
Buffalo Check Wood-Mount Stamp Set147797$20.00CurrentStamps
CÂLINS DOUILLETS BUNDLE (FRENCH)155146$46.75CurrentBundles
Camouflage Cling Background Stamp152547$17.00CurrentStamps
Camouflage Wood-Mount Background Stamp153494$21.00CurrentStamps
Celebration Of Tags Photopolymer Stamp Set153307$21.00CurrentStamps
Christmas Layers Dies150654$29.00CurrentDies/Embossing
Comfort & Hope Cling Stamp Set (English)152509$21.00CurrentStamps
Crackle Paint Cling Stamp Set148752$16.00RetiredStamps
Crackle Paint Wood-Mount Stamp Set148755$20.00RetiredStamps
Detailed Bee Dies151526$26.00RetiredDies/Embossing
Detailed Hearts Die151440$29.00CurrentDies/Embossing
Doily Wishes Dies149633$35.00RetiredDies/Embossing
Dressed To Impress Photopolymer Stamp Set (English)151666$18.00CurrentStamps
Drybrush Cling Background Stamp152599$17.00CurrentStamps
Drybrush Wood-Mount Background Stamp154159$21.00CurrentStamps
Fabulous Florals Dies153583$31.00CurrentDies/Embossing
FLIGHT OF FANCY CLING STAMP SET153410$20.00CurrentStamps
Forever Fern Cling Stamp Set (English)152559$24.00CurrentStamps
Gallery Grunge Cling-Mount Stamp Set151275$20.00RetiredStamps
Garage Gears Dies151812$33.00CurrentDies/Embossing
Geared Up Garage Cling Stamp Set148590$21.00CurrentStamps
Handwritten Cling-Mount Stamp Set152063$16.00RetiredStamps
Happy Birthday To You Cling Stamp Set (English)152308$0.00RetiredStamps
High Tide Photopolymer Stamp Set143006$26.00CurrentStamps
IN THE PINES BUNDLE155182$51.25CurrentBundles
Jubilee Beauty Dies151576$30.00RetiredDies/Embossing
Label Me Bold Cling Stamp Set (English)151631$17.00RetiredStamps

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